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Is the church affiliated with a denomination?
To whom is the church accountable for its beliefs and actions?
Where are the ministers trained or educated?
How are church finances distributed and spent?
Does the church support world missions?
Is the church involved in the community?
How is the church ministering to the needy and the poor?
How can I find out more?

What attire should I wear?
Will I be accepted?
What is the focus & format of the Sunday worship service?
Can my younger children receive communion with me?
Can I receive counseling?
How can I become involved in the church?
How can I become a member?
How can I find out more?

Key Words

children, family, fellowship, military, nursery, singles, youth


Q: Is the church affiliated with a denomination?

Spanaway Christian Center is a non-denominational, full-gospel Christian fellowship. Therefore, it is not affiliated (in the traditional sense), with any one denomination or any single denomination of churches. This distinction allows us the freedom to interact and fellowship with many different kinds of churches - both denominational and non-denominational alike. This 'independent' classification, however, does not mean we are accountable to no one. For though we are self-governed, we are also bound, by covenant relationship, to numerous other ministers and churches that hold similar beliefs, and which hold us firmly accountable for our doctrine and our actions. [top]

Q: To whom is the church accountable for its beliefs and actions?

Being an affiliate congregation of the Fellowship of Christian Ministries International (FCMI), SCC (in particular, its ministers and leadership), has agreed to remain open and accountable to the leadership and member ministers of FCMI for the doctrines, teachings, ministries, actions and activities of the church. Accountability is extremely important to a church and its leadership. For without others calling us into Godly, scriptural account, anyone could fall into deception. Therefore, it is a standing policy - any member of the congregation or the leadership of SCC can at any time, call the church (including its leadership and the Senior Pastor) into account, by contacting the leadership of FCMI (Rev Dr Linnis F Perry, President, [top]

Q: Where are the ministers trained or educated?

Since SCC is non-denominational, we have no central ministry training school. However, that does not mean our ministers are uneducated or untrained. In our fellowship, the responsibility for biblical education and ministry training is shared by the individual and their senior pastor. Our senior pastor, Rev Dr Bruce L Bronoske Sr, holds two graduate degrees from two US Dept of Education, CHEA recognized, and TRACS accredited institutions; Faith Evangelical Seminary and Bakke Graduate University of Ministry, and is currently a Professor of Applied Theology (pastoral ministry) at Faith Evangelical Seminary in Tacoma, WA.

Others amongst our ministers have studied at various Bible schools and ministry training centers around the area and around the nation. One complested his masters degree program through a California school. Add to the classroom education, years of practical ministry experience (which includes a former senior pastor, a former interim pastor, and a former children's' pastor), along with ongoing training and ministry experience, and the qualifications of the ministers and leadership of SCC can only be considered exceptional. [top]

Q: How are church finances distributed and spent?

SCC is on (what the leadership has dubbed), a "zero-based budgeting system." All areas of the church have been identified and assigned by the leadership, a percentage weight (based on a 100 point = 100% scale) of the budget according to anticipated/projected need. Monthly, following the payment of obligated finances (i.e., salaries, mortgage, utilities, etc.), the remaining finances are divided up amongst the different departments according to those percentage weights. When the tithes and offerings are larger, the amount distributed is larger. Likewise, when the tithes and offerings are smaller, the amount distributed is smaller. In this manner, the budget is never exceeded, and each department shares in both the bountiful and the lean time of the church. Missions is paid out of a separate, pre-established fund where 100% of the monies allotted are distributed each year to missions.

Finances can be a point of contention in a congregation. So we strive to make sure this is not an issue at SCC. Once a year (at the yearly business meeting in the Spring) the books are opened to the membership of SCC for examination. [top]

Q: Does the church support world missions?

Yes! As a congregation, we are very committed to both overseas and home missions. Our support currently encourages missionaries in Macedonia, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, India and Indonesia. And, our home-missions support goes to, Love, INC. (which supplies the essentials to needy individuals and families locally), and the Christian Law Association (which works free-of-charge, in support of churches and ministries that face serious legal challenges to their ministerial rights). [top]

Q: Is the church involved in the community?

Yes! SCC is committed to our local community - its spiritual and practical needs are areas of our ongoing concern. Our targeted involvement includes the schools and the school children of our community (particularly, the Bethel School District area), and their families. We are striving to recognize both the immediate and the on-going, long-term needs of our community, and are attempting (along with other churches of the area) to address these needs. Our involvement includes the practical, as well as the political. For, being of assistance, and being engaged in all areas of our community is our on-going goal. [top]

Q: How is the church ministering to the needy and the poor?

Jesus said, the poor will always be with us. Therefore, as a church, we must be doing what we can to help meet the needs of the less fortunate and needy of our community. We are currently involved with an organization called, Love, INC (i.e., Love, In the Name of Christ), which pools the funds of numerous area churches and consolidates the previously fragmented efforts of the individual churches to become much more effective in meeting the need of our poorer neighbors. We are also involved with other area churches in a concerted effort to assist the children of needy families by collecting and helping distribute school supplies and new school clothing. A percentage of the church's tithes and offerings is set-aside to assist the poor and needy or our area. [top]


Q: What attire should I wear?

Without question, the Lord accepts us as we are - there is nothing we can do superficially that will make us more acceptable to Him. When we gather for worship then, there are no inordinate requirements as to what we must wear, or how we must look.

As the Lord's people, however, we must not let what we wear, how we present ourselves, or how we look or act detract from the opportunity for others to truly meet with the Lord, undistracted. The Bible tells us, "take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling-block to them that are weak." (1 Cor 8:9) And, "brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another." (Gal 5:13) Therefore, we do have an obligation to those around us. The only guideline we hold is: we must all dress modestly and discreetly, considering others that have also come to worship. When others see us, they should be able to see the Lord Jesus in us. They should never see us simply as (intentional) objects of distraction. The overarching question, therefore, must be; are we simply trying to draw attention to ourselves or do we want them to see Jesus in us? [top]

Q: Will I be accepted?

The Bible tells us clearly, that the Lord loves us, calls us and accepts us right where we are. Yet, the Bible also tells us that God loves us enough that He will not allow us to remain there unchanged. Rather, the Lord desires that we grow, develop and mature, that we may find our peace and fulfillment in Him. Now, this may sound somewhat contradictory. But it is true! For the Lord knows each of us needs His help to correct (to change, to adjust) our lives, and to balance our thoughts, words and actions that they may conform to His will and to His word. For without Him in our lives, the is only pain, emptiness and confusion. But He came that we may have life - in its absolute fullness.

We have all come from different backgrounds - some much rougher than others, some more damaged than others. Therefore, it is NOT where we've come from, but where God has called each of us to go, and what He wants us to be or become that matters. Therefore, the Lord has designed the church to be both a family, and a hospital. Without exception, each of us need help. Each of us needs one another. Each of us needs to know we are accepted for who we are. Yet, at the same time, we need to be encouraged to be ALL God truly wants us to be - all God has created us to be. For true peace and satisfaction comes only from knowing, 1) God loves us, 2) God has a plan for our lives, 3) God has provided us with a family that will accept and love us, and 4) God will not rest from encouraging us to become everything that He has made us to be. [top]

Q: What is the focus & format of the Sunday worship service?

When we gather together as a church family for worship, our focus is on the Lord. For He is the reason we gather together. Therefore, our worship is centered on Jesus and the work He accomplished on the cross. He has given us life - therefore, our worship can be joyful. He laid down His life for us - therefore, our worship is to be thoughtful. He has given us His Holy Spirit as an ever present guide - therefore, our worship should be inspirational. Each time we gather together, each of us should be able to touch the Lord. Each time we gather together, our hearts should be able to commune with the Lord in a very special way. For the Lord has reserved a very special blessing for us when we gather together in His Name.

We also firmly believe that families should worship together. Therefore, we encourage the participation of all members of the church family - from the very youngest to the very oldest - during our corporate worship times. Children enjoy the music. And, they enjoy singing and watching their parents participate in worship. It speaks volumes to our youngest saints about their parents dedication to the Lord, and their commitment to Him.

We also allow time for personal prayer requests, and the exercising of spiritual gifts. It's good to hear the prayer needs of those in attendance. Everyone is encouraged to bring their prayer requests before the Lord and the church family, at the time announced by the worship leader. Spiritual gifts are also recognized as being part of our corporate worship. Therefore, those who are so gifted by the Lord, are encouraged to exercise their gift at the time appointed (and announced) by the worship leader. Those who are visitors or guests, are asked to contact one of the pastors before sharing. This must be considered a safety precaution for the young amongst us. [top]

Q: Can my younger children receive communion with me?

Yes. Although each of us is to understand the meaning and significance of the communion table, we also believe that the children are covered (in most every regard) by their believing parents until they reach the age of reason and accountability - that is, the age when they understand sin and their need for personal salvation, and begin to pursue it. Therefore, we encourage parents to allow their children to partake of communion together with them - as a family. We also strongly encourage parents to teach their children about the meaning and significance of communion. It is an excellent opportunity to be the teacher of our children in spiritual matters, as the Lord's word instructs. [top]

Q: Can I receive counseling?

Yes. Our pastors, elders and other ministers do provide spiritual counseling on an as needed, as requested basis. As a church, however, we reserve the right to refer counseling matters to other, select Christian counselors outside our congregation if it is deemed, by the leadership, to be necessary or expedient to do so. Unless specifically agreed to by an individual minister, all requests for counseling will be prayerfully (and discreetly) reviewed by the senior leadership of SCC, and the appropriate elder, pastor or minister assigned responsibility for the counseling sessions.

When engaged in counseling, it is expected that the counselee will truthfully, faithfully and diligently work with the counselor in all areas. Lack of diligence or faithfulness (including the faithful completion of any assignments), will result in the termination of counseling. It must be understood, the counselor is NOT the key to success in counseling. The counselor is simply a spiritual advisor. The key to success in counseling is the counselee honestly, faithfully, prayerfully and diligently engaging the truths of God's word and acting upon them in the given situation.

It is the strict policy of SCC that a woman will not be counseled by one man alone, nor a man by one woman alone. Beside the issue of propriety, we believe strongly in team ministry. Husband and wife teams make up the vast majority of our counseling teams. [top]

Q: How can I become involved in the church?

With so much to do, there is always room for those that want to help! The best way to get information is to contact the department head who is over your area of interest. Another way would be to talk to a volunteer that already works in your area of interest. If you would like to be involved but do not have a particular area of interest, contacting one of the pastors would be a good starting point. They could help direct you to an area of need.

Knowing what is expected of you is crucial to your making a knowledgeable decision about volunteering. A potential volunteer, therefore, must consider the following (which are universal guidelines for all departments of the church):

Faithful Attendance - Before being accepted as a volunteer, a person must show themselves as a faithful attendee at SCC. There are a number of reasons for this requirement. First, if a person is not faithful to the regular services, they will not be faithful to their area of volunteered service. Second, to be able to effectively communicate the vision of the church, a volunteer must spend some time in the church in order to catch the vision themselves. Third, the Bible says, know them that labor amongst you. This means, the church must get to know you, and you must get to know the church. Those to whom you minister must know you in order to be able to honestly receive from you and trust you. This is of particular importance when dealing with children. (NOTE: EVERYONE working with the children or youth (i.e., under the age of 18 years) is required to have a background check - NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Christian Maturity - We consider anyone who volunteers to work in the church as one who works in an area of ministry. A ministry is not a job, it is the act of exercising a spiritual gift in service to the Body of Christ at SCC. Therefore, those who volunteer around the church must have an appropriate degree of Christian maturity. This does not mean one must be a 'perfect' Christian (whatever that is). It does mean, however, there are no areas that would hinder that person from performing their tasks, or that would bring reproach or condemnation upon the church body at SCC. Those that volunteer, must realize they carry the reputation of the church with them.

Of Mature Age - As a rule, we do not accept volunteers for service who are under the age of 18 years. There are rare exceptions to this rule. However, the point to be made is; those under the age of 18 years should be hearing, receiving, learning, observing and being taught the things of the Lord. And if the potential volunteer is not a faithful attendee, of observable Christian maturity, and would be better served by their being involved with the services, then the request to volunteer must be denied.

Possessing Sufficient Biblical Knowledge - Knowledge of the most elemental of Christian beliefs is expected of all our volunteers. A personal knowledge of and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is absolutely essential. However, some areas demand a broader or more mature knowledge of Scripture and sound Christian doctrine. These areas will be identified by the department heads, who will seek the input and approval of the Leadership Team. It is expected that all volunteers will familiarize themselves with the "Bible Basics" lessons which SCC holds as representing a majority of their foundational doctrines. A copy will be made available to each volunteer by the department head.

NOTE: The above information must be considered as 'general guidelines' for volunteering. Other stipulations may be connected to specific ministry areas. A candidate should communicate directly with the specific department head to gather the most comprehensive list of requirements. [top]

Q: How can I become a member?

Because it is non-denominational, Spanaway Christian Center does not have an "official", transferable membership role. Nevertheless, SCC does demand certain qualifications that (if honored and upheld) entitle faithful attendees the right to hold positions of leadership, and to participate in established congregational matters. According to our official by-laws then, the following are considered qualifications for membership at Spanaway Christian Center:

The congregation known as Spanaway Christian Center recognizes that, 1) all those who accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord, and 2) all those in whom the Holy Spirit of God dwells, and 3) all those who continue in the faith, by walking in the paths of righteousness and sanctification, (which includes all of these points inclusively) belong to the Body of Christ. However, we also recognize that each individual congregation has a unique task to perform – a distinct function to fulfill – this, as commissioned by the Lord Jesus Himself. Therefore, those who desire to become a part of the Lord’s work at Spanaway Christian Center, need to be recognized as those who desire to hold a Godly allegiance, 1) to the church, and 2) to the leadership that the Lord has placed over the congregation. All those who desire this distinction, must meet the following requirements:

Requirements for Membership
1. Acceptance of and continued faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord. This includes acceptance of His full deity, His full humanity, and His full equality with the Father and the Holy Spirit; His atoning physical death on the cross of Calvary; His physical resurrection from the dead; and His bodily ascension into glory from where He will physically return in power and great glory at the time set by the Father.
2. Acceptance of the Bible (both Old and New Testaments), in theory and in practice, as God’s divinely inspired word; inerrant in its original autograph, and as the sole and final authority in all areas of life.
3. Successful completion of the SCC Church Membership Class. Successful completion is defined as; faithful attendance at all classes (or successful completion of the tapes of the classes), satisfactory completion of any and all assigned homework, and full agreement with the doctrinal positions forwarded in the class. Any areas of dispute or disagreement will be heard before the Elders of SCC, whose decision to accept or reject the candidates position will be considered final in all cases.
4. Maintaining consistent attendance at Spanaway Christian Center, (consistent attendance being defined as: not being absent from the local body for a period of more than three (3) months per year without the knowledge and agreement of the Elders).
5. Faithfully contributing to the financial support of Spanaway Christian Center and it's ministries – in tithes and offerings – in accordance with Scriptural pattern.
6. Holding and maintaining a lifestyle which is consistent with sound Scriptural doctrine, as established and retained by the traditions of the ancient, and orthodox Christian church. Lifestyles and practices which include homosexuality or lesbianism (including those that are engaged in a so-called ‘same-sex marriages’), transsexualism (including those that have had a so called ‘sex change’), bisexualism, cohabitation of unmarried couples, adultery, fornication (including pre-marital sex), and other similar kinds of activities and lifestyles are completely unacceptable, and will render a member or candidate for membership unqualified to hold membership.

Any questions concerning these matters must be directed to the Elders of SCC. After due consideration, the decision of the Elders on any disputed areas will be considered final and fully binding. [top]

Key word: children
"Behold, children are a gift of the LORD" (Ps 127:3a NASB)

Key word: family
"Two are better than one... and a threefold cord is not quickly broken." (Eccl 4:9a, 12b KJV)

Key word: fellowship
"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" (Ps 133:1b KJV)

Key word: military
"Endure hardship, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." (2 Tim 2:3 KJV)

Key word: nursery
"the fruit of the womb is His reward." (Ps 127:3b KJV)

Key word: singles
"God setteth the solitary in families." (Ps 68:6a KJV)

Key word: youth
"Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth." (Eccl 11:9a KJV)