All our ministry programs are designed to be biblically-based, Christ-centered and applicable to today's often complex world. Meeting the needs of the members of our church family, however, does not mean compromise or complacency. Rather, we look at ministry in light of God's word and its application in the world in which we live. Thus our church motto, "Living faith for the real world!"


The purpose of Christian music (in particular, Christian worship) is to glorify the Father and praise the Son through ministry and power of the Holy Spirit. If done in accordance with biblical guidance, it helps the hearer focus their heart and mind upon the Lord Jesus Christ and the work He is doing - in the world, in our midst and in our lives.

Throughout history, the Holy Spirit has inspired the church with beautiful, worshipful music, and we rejoice in this gift and the talented Christian musicians who have brought this gift to life. Therefore, our music ministry celebrates all the best of Christian worship, from the most contemporary of modern worship to the classic, traditional hymns.


Our children and youth are precious to us. The Bible tells us, they are a gift from the Lord and our heritage. Therefore, we consider our ministry to the youth and children (from the youngest to the oldest) to be of the utmost importance. Therefore, all of our youth and children's classes (for all ages), are Biblically-based, Christ-centered, safe and enjoyable for leaning and growing in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

OF NOTE: For safety purposes, all of our children's and youth ministries workers and helpers are pre- screened, given ongoing instruction, and given a complete background check to help insure the safest possible ministry environment for our youth and children. Their comfort and safety is important to us!

NURSERY: (3 months thru about 2 years)

From about 10:00am on Sunday morning, our nursery area is unattended, but available for individual use. A nursery attendant is available for ministry to our youngest saints (ages 3 months through 2 years) immediately following song service.

CHILDREN'S CHURCH: (about 3 years thru 12 years)

Following song service, the children (ages 3 years through 12 years), are dismissed to Children's Church. Our Youth Ministries programs are designed to provide enjoyable, Christ-centered, biblically-based instruction for our younger saints. This takes place during the time of the ministry of the word in the main congregational area.

YOUTH GROUP: (13 thru 18 years)

Ministry activities for our youth (ages 13 thru 18 years) are scheduled on an occasional basis. With the current number of our youth attending outside activities (school, sports, etc.), as well as home and family requirements, our ministry to our youth must be scheduled on an intermittent basis. Our youth are an important part of our church body, and therefore, they are always welcome (and encouraged) to participate in the other functions and activities of the church. Watch the church bulletin for scheduled activities.


The women of SCC meet for fellowship, Bible Study and personal ministry at various times throughout the year. Their get-togethers are designed to allow for fellowship, sharing, and the study of topics of particular interest to women. All women (ages 13 and over) are welcome to attend. Visitors are always welcome. Watch the church bulletin for days, dates, times and activities.


The first Saturday of each month (year round), the SCC men meet for a 'no-host' fellowship breakfast at Denny's Restaurant (204th & Mountain Highway) in Spanaway. It's a great time to get together, talk and to get to know one another a little better. We meet at 9:00am for breakfast and get done around 10:30am. All men are welcome (no age limit, so bring the boys). Visitors are always welcome, so bring your friends.

HOME FELLOWSHIPS: (Currently being Investigated )

We are currently investigating the establishment of some home fellowship meetings. These get-together's will offer a tremendous opportunity to get to know each other on a much more personal level, and greatly increase the opportunity for personal ministry and individualized Bible Study. Guests & Visitors: Home fellowships will offer an excellent opportunity to get to know the SCC church family members that live in your area. Contact the church office for further information.