Come in...

Meet some of the people who have made Spanaway Christian Center their church home.

It's a typical Sunday morning -

A few minutes before the beginning of service, everyone is busy reading the morning bulletin or visiting. There's a nice blend of people here - many different backgrounds - just the way a church should be! Some of the younger people are hanging around the sound booth chatting. And, since we're a little early, you may hear the worship team making final preparations for morning worship - there's a nice blend of the old and new - from worship to praise.

The service is called to order and the worship begins with energy and zeal. The songs are encouraging and uplifting, the attitude of worship is wonderful. The prayer request time seem to bring everything into Godly focus. There's a gentle sense of the Lord's presence, and He is honored as the reason we've gathered together. The Holy Spirit is given the liberty to minister through those whom He chooses. The preaching is Bible-based, Christ-centered, doctrinally sound and well balanced - applicable to today's world, with something you can "take home" with you and use. Individual prayer after the close of service is both personal and encouraging - as there are needs. The activity around the refreshment area and in the foyer sounds like everyone's enjoying fellowship. And, everyone makes you feel welcome.

Though this may have been a 'virtual' visit to Spanaway Christian Center on a typical Sunday morning I can honestly say, this is part of who we are. Our desire is to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ by giving praise and glory to the Father through the Spirit. And we'd love to have you join us! So, come visit and see if the Lord would have you make SCC your church home.

You are invited!

-Pastor Bruce

P.S.  Here are some pictures of our church home